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The mill of Molanoce is an old water-mill set in a 12th century building, a stone and wood structure dating back to the late Roman period.
The place-name "Molanoce" indicates the place where, in the Middle Ages, walnuts were crushed to produce oil for votive lamps.
From the 17th century onward it became a water-mill for grinding grain, spelt and maize.
Nowadays, the restored apartments are the ideal setting for exclusive and pleasant holidays in the heart of Italy.
Il Molino di Molanoce, a B & B near Todi, it offers the possibility of a pleasant stay for those looking for a B & B near the Sanctuary of Collevalenza

Villa Sanfaustino,87  06056 Massa Martana - Todi - UMBRIA - Cell. 3200823686

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